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Sweet Cacophony

...were wor{l}ds collide

☆ Wonder Natalie ☆
17 October 1989
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"Toma la luz con las manos y guárdala tras tu tímpano.
Déjala resonar ahí, formar bucles sin identidad conforme. Permíteme deslizarme entre esos rizos extraños y ser algo más que esa palabra mal dicha que repites y repites y repites.
Quizás no sabes -yo tampoco sé nada, que iría a saber- pero puedes saborerar. Dulce pupila empequeñecida. Amargos los ojos de gato sin luna llena. Saladas mis aspiraciones sin tiempo ni lugar.
Suena. Cae. Llueve. Rebobina. Se atraca. Se desmonta sin saber cuando empezó a dolerle las leguas y ascuas sapienciales -sabrosas- sandías sin natura ni razón. Dulce.
Me sabe a dulce, esa esquirla atravesada en mi anular.
Dulce cacofonía cerebral."

the traveller
Natto. Natalie. 19sai. Peru. Sleeps. Dreams. Writes. Fangirls. Fights. Has fun. Angsts. Studies when not doing anything of the mentioned before.
Doramatic-tic. Emo in denial. Happy. Sad. Loves everyone. Sometimes wants to live in a mountain and eat salmo for the rest of her life. Inconsistent. Retarded. Ghei ♥.
the heart
FANTASY. EPICNESS. WUV. Anime. Manga. Fandom. Poetry. Awesome characters. Awesome people. Music. Ponies. Gayness. Glompage time. Rolling on the grass. Turrón de Doña Pepa. Dinosaurs. Whales. Videogames. Sugar, spice and everything nice ♥.
Closed minds. Cruelty. Pollution. Hate. Despair. Sad faces. Perfection. Society. People. Not being able to do anything. Impossible.
the words
Journal about me, my fangirlism, my emo, my rants and my works. Other common species are pimping posts, ilu posts and meme posts. Gayness is a permanent element, just so you know. Spanglish is, too, and I'm trying to balance the posts in English with the Spanish ones, mixing them at times and such. Sorry for the inconvenience, but in the end it really depends on my mood :(. Fangirlism goes mostly in English, though? About friending, I add mostly everyone back, unless I haven't seen you around any comms or you haven't told me you're friending me. In any case, please drop a comment and I'll add you back as soon as I see it ♥.
the worlds
Axis Powers Hetalia - Ookiku Furikabutte - Byousoku 5 Centimeters - xxxHolic - Saiyuki – Wild Adapter – Kyou Kara Maou! – Sukisho! – Rozen Maiden – Blood+ - Naruto – Dragon Ball – Card Captor Sakura - Digimon Frontier - Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~ - Strawberry Shake – Princess Princess – Kakumei no Hi – Fullmetal Alchemist – Shaman King – Supernatural - Stigma – Persona3 – Kingdom Hearts – Brave Story – Death Note
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♥ Abe x Mihashi is Battery Love ♥

Saiyuki is love.
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Matsuri is plain and simple love!
Matsuri is plain and simple love